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U.S. Patent 5,039,026
U.S. Patent 5,125,591
German Patent 41 03 110
Italian Patent 1,248,256

• This new development allows you to use one adapter for all size cones or tubes commonly used.
• Its unique design applies uniform pressure to the inside of any size yarn package.
• Prevents excess wear to inside of tubes or cones.
• It eliminates the problem of too much pressure on smaller tubes or cones.
• Due to the unique design, no more force is applied to hold a small package than to a large one.

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Here we demonstrate use of Flexhold with different sizes of cones and tubes.
Due to design, temper of springs all packages are inserted with relative ease, hold firmly
keep package aligned, yet are easily removed by slightly upward and outward motion breaking contact
with the friction strip on top of FLEXHOLD.

Should the standard Flexhold not meet your needs, in most cases we can design one that will.

HomeMounting PadsPartsFlexholdCreelContact

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